Your comprehensive fitness program can be designed for one-on-one training or group training. You can choose your program to focus on or possibly incorporate elements of the following specialty areas below. During your free consultation we will discuss your goals and decide on the most effective way for you to begin to accomplish your goals.

Body Composition

  • fat-loss
  • lean mass gain
  • achieving your health weight

Sport-Specific Training

  • training your weaknesses
  • gaining the competitive edge
  • being the best you can be
Strength & Conditioning

  • core strength training
  • strength & power development
  • cross-training

Youth Fitness

  • raising self-esteem
  • developing a healthy foundation
  • preventing childhood obesity

Fitness Consulting

  • increased productivity
  • reducing workplace injury
  • fitness program design


  • improve health and wellness
  • reduce medications
  • make healthy choices