Thursday, August 4, 2011

Epic Saturated Fat Consumption Diet Log

Epic N=1 Saturated Fat Consumption Experiment

Day One Monday (6-20)

-8oz. Bacon (466kcal,16.65g SFA, 14g pro)

-4 egg omelette (280kcal, 6gSFA, 28g pro)

veggies cooked in ½ tbsp coconut oil (90kcal, 6gfat, 6gSFA, 8gCHO)

-1/2 can coconut milk with 1/2cup of mangos and strawberry (35gSFA,500kcal)

-Epic Brazilian Steakhouse chowdown -squash,zucchini, asparagus (non-photographed). < 3 lbs. Of fatty meat. Lamb, Ribs, Steak, Fish, Parmesan crusted pork tenderloin, 3 fried banannas etc… (50g Satfat)

Saturated Fat:113g


Total Calories: ~3600

Day 2: Tuesday (6-21)

-Red Delicious apple 70kcal

-6oz coconut fruit smoothie-15g (180c) (annas left over)

-Tbsp coconut oil 13g (110c)

-1 lb grassfed beef over lettuce (28g) (920c)

-16 oz bone marrow liver vegetable soup (1g, 400kcal, 35g cho)

-Rack of ribs (washed)(800kcal, 21g sfa, 7g Carb)

-1 dark choc(6gsfa, 6gCHO,130kcal)

-1/4c pecans (210 kcal, 190fat cal, 2gSFA, 4g cho)

Saturated Fat:86g


Total Calories: 2820

Day 3: Wednesday (6-22)

-4cups soup plus (700kcal, 2g SFA, 45g CHO)

-avocado(4g sfa 250kcal, 15g CHO)

-8oz Smoked bacon (8g SFA, 280kcal)

-Banana (100kcal, 25g CHO)

-sweet potato (100 KCAL, 24gCHO)

-1/2 cup mango (40kcal, 10gCHO)

-Full can Cocomilk (70g SFA, 770kcal, 21g CHO)

-1 lb grassfed beef + veggies.

-Tbsp butter (35g SFA(28+7)) 1000kcal, 20gCHO)

Saturated Fat:119g

Carbohydrate: 150g

Total Calories: 3240

Day 4: Thursday (6-23)

-2 cans Sardines (3g SFA, 340 KCAL)

-4oz bacon, 4 egg omm (10g SFA, 420KCAL)

-8oz coconut milk, 80cal mango, 80 cal bananna, 40 cal sweet potato, 2 eggs raw (790 total kcal, 44g SFA, 60g CHO)

-8oz salmon +TBSP coconut oil-14g (400 KCAL (15g SatFAT)

-1 lb grassfed beef, 12oz peppers, 1/2 bag of mixed greens (1050 kCal,25G carbs (28g SAT FAT)

-1 dark chocolate bar & 1/4 c pecans (340 kcal,(8g satfat) 10g carb

Saturated Fat:108g


Total Calories:~2920

Day 5: Friday (6-24)

-12oz bacon (420kcal, 12g sat fat)

-3 eggs cooked in bacon grease (210kcal, 5g sat fat)

-10oz black coffee

-5.5 oz coconut milk, whole raw egg, 1c mango (80), 1 c strawberry (500kcal, 32g sat fat, 30g carb)

-Sweet potato (120kcal, 30g carb)

-8oz salmon +TBSP coconut oil-14g (400 KCAL (15g SatFAT)

-100kcal carrots (23 g cho)

-Rack of Ribs (washed off sauce)(800kcal, 21g sfa, 7g Carb)

--1 dark chocolate bar & 1/4 c pecans (340 kcal,(8g SFA) 10g carb

Saturated Fat:93g


Total Calories:2580

Day 6: Saturday (6-25)

-6 eggs in TBSP butter + 1 oz crabmeat & 3oz. olives & apple (15g SFA, 700Kcal, 18g Carbs)

-12oz bacon 25g (700kcal)

-8oz COcomilk, strawberry, mango, banana (40g SFA, 560 kcal 20g Carb)

-1 lb grassfed beef 28g SFA, 920 kcal

-2 fish oil caps (30 kcal)

-2 whisky on rocks (3 oz whisky? 200kcal)

Saturated Fat:108g


Total Calories:3100

Day 7: Sunday (6-26)

-12 oz bacon (25g SFA, 700Kcals)

-1/3 cup berries (35Kcal, 8g carb)

-Preworkout 1/4 cup raisins (130kcal, 30g carb

-Post workout- whole massive squash (5c.) cooked in olive oil (1/2 oz.)(225kcal, 20g carb, 2g SFA)

-1 lb grassfed beef (28gSFA, 920Kcal)

-full can coconut milk 1 cup strawberry, 1 cup pineapple. (900kcal, 70gSFA, 50g Carb)

Saturated Fat:123g


Total Calories:2910

Day 8: Monday (6-27)

-12 oz bacon, whole red pepper, 5 eggs, hot sauce. 1090kcal, 10g carb, 32g SFA)

-2 1/8 rack ribs, washed (1680kcal, 44g SFA, 15g Carb)

-2 crabs (170kcal)

-2 muscles (30kcal)

-Whole pineapple (400 Kcal, 95gCarb)

-7 shots 3 olives orange (805kcal, 35g carb)

-2 Miller Lights (200kcal, 10g carb)

-1 bar dark chocolate (130kcal, 6gSFA, 6g carb)

Saturated Fat:82g


Total Calories:4500

Day 9: Tuesday (6-28)

-12 oz bacon (700kcal, 25g SFA)

-Apple, 7oz bacon, 4 eggs, red pepper, salad greens (22g SFA, 800kcal, 30g carb)

-8 oz chicken curry in coco oil (440kcal, 3gcarb, 10g SFA)

-8 oz salmon silver-brite wild caught in coco oil + veggies (squash and peppers) baked in coconut oil (460 kcal, 15g carb, 11g SFA)

Chugged 6/10 can of coconut milk (460kcal, 46gSFA, 12g carb)

Saturated Fat: 89g

Carbohydrate: 60g

Total Calories:2860

Day 10: Wednesday (6-29)

-4oz cacao goji goodies (190kCal, 6g SFA, 30g Carbs)

-1 lb grassfed beef over greens with tomato & avocado (1250 kCal, 29g carb, 33g SFA)

-Coconut milk shake with 2 cups fruit (1c. Strawberry&pineapple)

(560Kcal, 35g carbs, 40g SFA)

-Rack of ribs (washed)(800kcal, 21g sfa, 7g Carb)

Saturated Fat:100g


Total Calories:2800

Day 11: Thursday (6-30)

-3 cups Broccoli, coconut curry with avocado(rest of can if coco milk) (720Kcal, 35g SFA, 50g Carbs)

-Rack of ribs (washed)(800kcal, 21g sfa, 7g Carb)

-4oz cacao goji goodies (190kCal, 6g SFA, 30g Carbs)

-1/4 cup macadamia (240kCal, 4g SFA, 4g carb)

-1 can sardines (1g) (170kCal, 1g SFA)

-½ can coconut milk with 2 cups fruit (1 strawberry, 1/2 mango ½ pineapple) (510Kcal, 35g SFA, 39g carb)

-3/4 lb grassfed beef over 5 oz. Salad greens with large avocado (1040kcal, 26gSFA, 28g carb)

Saturated Fat:128g


Total Calories:3670

Day 12: Friday (6-31)

-6strips/10 bacon 5 egg peppers onion squash (820kcal, 22.5g, SFA, 12g carb)

-½ can Coconut milk with 1cup strawberry, 1 bananna & Raw egg

(600kcal, 36.5g SFA, 35g carb)

-Rack of trader joes ribs (washed)(800kcal, 21g sfa, 7g Carb)

-2 cups green squash, 220 calories of sardine (260 kcal, 3g SFA 8 g carb)

Saturated Fat:83g

Carbohydrate:62g carb

Total Calories:2480

Day 13: Saturday (7-1)

-4/10 strips bacon, 4 eggs cooked in bacon grease, 2 fish oil. (590 kCal, 16g SFA)

-1 1/4 lb grassfed beef over 8 oz salad greens (1200kcal, 35g SFA, 15g carb)

-12 oz. Trader Joe’s bacon. (300kcal, 12g SFA)

-Macadamias 1/2c. (480kcal, 8g SFA, 9g carb)

-1-bar Moser Roth 85/15 dark chocolate (6g SFA, 6gCHO,130kcal)

-8oz Cod lightly breaded even though I asked for non breaded and re-iterated this fact twice (280kcal, 2g SFA, 10g carb

-4 slices trader joes bacon 100kcal, 4g SFA

Saturated Fat:83g

Carbohydrate: 40g

Total Calories:3080kcal

Day 14: Sunday (7-2)

-Mixture of my 3 different bacons, ~(300kcal, 15g SFA)

-6sausage links (200kcal, 9g SFA)

-4 eggs in tbsp butter (280kcal, 10g SFA)

-1/2 cup strawberries (30kcal, 7g carb)

-7 chicken breasts cooked in butter & parmesan crusted

(1200kcal, 35gsfa, 4g carb)

-2 salads with walnuts & dried cranberry, fruity dressing (240kcal, 2g SFA, 30g carb)

25. Oz. Red wine (625kcal, 25gcarb)

-1 cup veggies (30kcal, 7g carb)

-1.5 cup mixed fruits (100kcal, 23g carb)

-1/2 can coconut milk (350kcal, 35g SFA, 10g carb)

Saturated Fat:97g


Total Calories:3355

Day 15: Monday (7-3)

-Pre-breakfast:8oz Mixed bacon (the rest of it (300kcal,15g SFA)

-"fat Greek" omelette 5 egg, gyro meat, feta cheese, peppers onions in butter (640kcal, 20g SFA, 10g carb )

-1/2 can coconut milk to wash down fatgreek (350kcal, 35g SFA, 10g carb)

Apple & cinnamon. (65kcal, 15gcarb)

-1 lb grassfed beef (Martindales, a bit leaner maybe? , green pepper, onion cooked in ½ tbsp. Grassfed butter (920kcal, 28g SFA, 10g carb)

Apple & cinnamon. (65kcal, 15gcarb)

-10 oz Vermont bacon 300kcal, 12g SFA)

-1-bar Moser Roth 85/15 dark chocolate (6g SFA, 6gCHO,130kcal)

Saturated Fat:116g


Total Calories:2770

Day Calories Carbohydrates Saturated Fat % Sat kcal

1 3600 140 113 28

2 2820 80 86 27

3 3240 150 119 33

4 2920 85 108 33

5 2580 93 100 35

6 3100 38 108 31

7 2910 108 123 38

8 4500 171 82 16

9 2860 60 89 28

10 2800 100 100 32

11 3670 158 128 31

12 2480 62 83 30

13 3080 40 83 24

14 3355 106 97 26

15 2770 66 116 38

AVG 3112 97 102 30

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